Friday, September 26, 2008

Today's Dream

I dreamed again this morning. Two days in a row is unusual for me. This time, thank God, the most humiliating thing that happened in my dream was losing a card game. The rest of it was OK.

I continue to sample imported snacks found on the shelves at World Market. I would like to recommend the Violet Crumble, an Australian chocolate bar manufactured by Nestlé. The filling is a crunchy, foamy toffee that is meant to resemble honeycomb somehow. It's got a really interesting texture and a slightly burnt flavor that I like. Plus, you have to take relatively small bites and spend some time munching on them, so it prolongs the pleasure.

Also aerated, but not quite as spectacular, is Nestlé's Aero bar, in which a soft filling (caramel, mint, or just plain chocolate, to name but a few of the flavors) is filled with fizzy air bubbles. Actually it's mostly air, giving the candy a pillow-soft, meltaway texture that isn't bad (nor is the flavor), but it does strike one as being a clever way to sell about a Hershey's Kiss worth of candy at a full-size candy-bar price. Think of it as offering "all the guilt of a regular chocolate bar, but only half of the chocolate!"

That's all I'm going to own up to at this moment. More another day!

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