Thursday, August 28, 2008

Holy Hardware Advisory

I'm not a big supporter of the "holy hardware" industry, but there are a couple of outfits I would like to bring to your attention. What they sell is more than trinkets; it can really bring encouragement to baptized Christians, especially when their faith is tested.

First, check out Agnus Dei Printing. They produce gorgeous reproductions of classic Lutheran certificates of baptism, confirmation, marriage, and ordination. We're talking the level of stuff you can frame and hang on the wall, a treasure for life.

While you're at it, visit Creative Communications for the Parish. They produce a lot of junk, but their series of annual baptismal birthday cards for kids up to confirmation age (example pictured) could be a powerful tool for keeping young Christians in mind of the blessings of their baptism. I have also made use of their cards for welcoming visitors, cards asking after people who have been missing from church, and sympathy cards.

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