Saturday, June 2, 2007

Cattitude No. 2

I just have to clean out my folder of pictures saved for this blog, so here are some more whimsical pictures of cats.

truth in advertising

How to keep scratching to a minimum

Does your cat think you are cooking for him?

What does your cat see when he stares at a work of art?

service with a purr

Some people have a very close relationship with their pets.

What happened to my tuna salad?

"The Cat That Ate St. Louis"

after a long day of chasing spots of sunlight on the wall

Have you ever felt like these fish?

It's a cat-eat-dog world.

cat and mouse

His favorite composer is Wagner.

"If a cat gets stuck in a tree and nobody hears it bawling, is he really there?"

"Oops. So much for taking over the world by stealth."

"Largo al factotum della cittá!"

"Excuse me, am I interrupting something?"

when Whistler painted his cat

"Hey! Lookin' to score some catnip?"

"Like a kitten...cuddled for the very first time..."

how they amuse themselves when you're not around

Just watch...he'll land on his feet!

customized for pets-only chat rooms

The whole world is his toy!

a little added flavor

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