Sunday, January 22, 2023

498. Proper 28 (Series C)

The lessons for this Sunday (Nov. 13-19) are Malachi 4:1-6, 2 Thessalonians 3:6-13 (optional 1-5) and Luke 21:5-28 (optional 29-36). The tune is FREUT EUCH, IHR LIEBEN CHRISTEN ALL by Bartholomäus Gesius (1605), not to be confused with the 1587 tune FREUT EUCH, IHR LIEBEN by Leonhard Schröter (cf. "Hail to the Lord's Anointed" in eight hymnals I know of and "Preserve your Word O Savior" in two), nor yet with FREUET EUCH, IHR CHRISTEN by Andreas Hammerschmidt ("O rejoice, ye Christians loudly" in several books). Keeping chorales straight is a professional-grade job, see. This tune, which anglophone Lutheranism doesn't seem to know about, was paired in the SELK hymnal with a hymn whose first line is the same as its title.

Behold, the Day will come with pow'r:
As fire a stubbled field may scour,
The proud like chaff it will devour,
And those who sin from root to flow'r.

Yet to the godly, comfort springs:
The Sun, with healing in His wings,
Strength to tread down the devil brings
And to withstand temptation's slings.

A more than Moses is at hand,
Who bore for us the Law's demand
And, marked by sacrificial brand,
Precedes us to our fatherland.

Fear not when wars and plagues arise,
Which mock the end with false disguise;
But when Christ shakes the earth and skies,
Lift up your heads with hopeful eyes.

When Christ with glory will appear,
Joy will transform your every tear.
Take heart, therefore, with pious fear,
For your deliverance is near.

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