Saturday, January 14, 2023

484. Proper 12 (Series C)

The lessons for this Sunday (July 24-30) are Genesis 18:20-33 (optional 17-19), Colossians 2:6-15 (optional 16-19) and Luke 11:1-13. The tune is LOBE DEN HERREN, O MEINE SEELE from Seelenharfe (Onolzbach, 1665), which several hymnals in English-speaking Lutheranism pair with "Praise the Almighty, my soul, adore Him." I'm departing from the original hymn's tendency to end each stanza with a double Hallelujah.

Your name be hallowed, our heav'nly Father;
Your kingdom come; Your will be done!
Our daily bread let us daily gather;
Our sins forgive in Christ, Your Son,
As we forgive our neighbor's debts!
Snare us not in temptation's nets,
But save us from the evil one!

When the disciples asked Jesus, saying,
"Teach us, dear Master, how to pray,"
He gave a model for godly praying,
Even the very words to say.
With them we frame the fitting praise
Of Him who Father's love displays,
Body and soul, day after day.

Thus we indeed praise our Father glorious,
Whose is the kingdom and the pow'r;
Yet when our journey becomes laborious,
His prayer still more sustains that hour.
Whether our need touch flesh or soul,
He hears and answers for the whole,
From hunger pang to Satan's glow'r.

Would any friend be denied a favor,
Having persisted in his prayer?
Tight-fisted man from his 'no' might waver;
Still more the Lord who joins our care.
Ask, seek, and knock and so receive,
Find and see opened; yea, believe
All that becomes His child and heir!

Finally, brethren in Christ, not merely
For your own worries, wants and needs,
But for each other both pray sincerely,
And pardon others' debts and deeds.
Who knows, but God might counsel take,
Their load to lighten for your sake,
Whose yea or nay swiftly proceeds!

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