Saturday, October 29, 2022

411. Easter 3 (Series B)

The lessons for this service are Acts 3:11-21, 1 John 3:1-7 and Luke 24:36-49. The tune is one of my favorite one-hymnal wonders: NU ER FRELSENS DAG OPRUNDET by Ludvig M. Lindeman (†1887), which the old Lutheran Hymnary paired with C.J.P. Spitta's Christmas hymn, "Thou, whose coming seers and sages." I've been waiting a long time for a chance to use this tune! P.S. (further to my gripe in 410): I seem to have found an alternate route to a JPG of the tune. I hope it holds!

See, what love the Father shows us,
Calling us His little ones!
Kindly, perfectly He knows us,
Choosing us as daughters, sons.
We ourselves have yet to see
What He fashions us to be,
But with Christ our type supplying,
Hope sustains us, purifying.

Loved ones, keep the good news spreading;
Boldly speak it where you may!
Trust its power, no trouble dreading,
Nor expect reward or pay.
For the Lord Himself ordains
Where and how and at what pains
Those He sends to men will teach them,
And in His good time will reach them.

Meanwhile, brethren, live repenting,
Knowing Christ your sin blots out!
He all things is reinventing,
Soon returning with a shout:
Bringing to all mortal flesh
Gifts that quicken and refresh,
Kept for those His precepts hearing,
Holding hope for His appearing.

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