Friday, October 14, 2022

380. Dedication Hymn

This is intended as the opening hymn of my projected third hymn-book, Bountiful Hymns, whose predecessors also featured hymns as dedications The scriptural jumping-off point is Matthew 13:52, with a bit of thought also derived from the Psalms' (and Isaiah's, and John's) repeated use of the phrase "sing a new song." Although I conceived the hymn in four-line stanzas of 11 syllables per line, the tune is of the "6565 D" meter: URSWICKE by George J. Elvey (†1893), which the Lutheran Hymnary paired with "In the hour of trial." However, I'm not too worried about it actually being sung; it is, after all, a dedication poem.

Jesus, bless Your household with a faithful scribe,
Showing Your creating impulse still alive;
Drawing from Your treasure things both old and new;
Longing hearts directing to be filled with You.

Jesus, bless Your household with a skillful scribe,
Yet subdue his stylings to this single drive:
That his psalms encourage all for whom You died,
That the lost would turn, that saints be edified.

Jesus, bless Your household with a humble scribe,
More inclined to prayer than pompous diatribe:
With the poor in spirit quick to sympathize,
All man's foibles viewing through repentant eyes.

Jesus, bless Your household with a joyful scribe,
Who our sinking spirits once more will revive.
We Your wondrous deeds, Your promises would sing;
Unto You a new song we would gladly bring.

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