Monday, June 7, 2010

What I've Been Up To

You may think I haven't written anything since Saturday, but that would be incorrect. For one thing, I wrote a sermon on Saturday (one of some 13 sermons I have planned for a very busy summer of pulpit supply). And since yesterday afternoon, I have been composing a choir piece based on the historic introit for the First Sunday after Trinity, which in turn is based on Psalm 13.

Here's a snippet from this piece, for a taster. Click on it for a larger image. If you're interested in seeing or hearing more, get in touch. I can send you a PDF of the full piece and a MIDI file you can play on your computer, in case you aren't up to sight-singing and -playing it yourself. I would appreciate specific advice on how to polish the piece -- guided, of course, by the assumption that it's not going to get much easier or more inspired than it already is.

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