Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Commuted Stupidity

Today I achieved a level of stupidity I have never reached before. I left my house keys at work.

Mind you, I didn't realize this until I had driven the entire one-hour commute home. And of all days to make this breakthrough, it had to be my last day in the office before a planned week of telecommuting (because my work-place is going to be closed through the weekend). So I had no choice but to turn around and go all the way back to work, straight through the truly horrid traffic that my wonky office hours usually enable me to avoid.

Yes folks, I spent half as much time today driving to and from my workplace as I spent working in it. This could have made me very grouchy. But my boss, hearing of my predicament, gave me some sage advice: "Get something to eat before you drive back here."

I did. I went to Ari's, the Greek joint on Hampton and Arsenal, a few blocks from the house I was locked out of. I ordered one of today's specials: stuffed eggplant with a Greek salad, a side of Greek potatoes, and another side of grilled vegetables (squash, zucchini, bell peppers). And I owe it to Ari's to say the food was spectacular. It really improved my mood - that and a conversation with some local characters who were dining there at the same time, and the bartender who is a character and a half. I recommend it to anyone who thinks a generous mound of pulled Angus, slow-cooked with diced onions and tomatoes, on top of a long thick slice of eggplant, sounds mouth-wateringly delicious. Everything it came with was equally good, right down to the toasted slices of sesame-seed bread and the uniquely decadent tiramisu that you can only get at Ari's.

Unfortunately I had to wash it all down with iced tea, but that's a consequence of my own stupidity. Next time, I'll plan better and have a couple of beers and a shot of ouzo for afters. But for now, I am grateful to the Greeks for their gift of food and good cheer.