Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Parable of the Landlord

To what shall I compare this generation?

It is like a rich man whose land was divided into many farms, each managed by a tenant farmer. The tenants lived on the land, ploughed it, planted it, harvested it, and sold the produce. They shared the income with the landowner.

After many years of doing business this way, the rich man died and his property passed to his son. The new owner despised old-fashioned farm work. So he fired all the tenant farmers, kicked them off his land, and let the crops grow wild.

Instead of planting and harvesting, the new owner invested in advertising. Glossy pictures of corn and wheat appeared in magazines. Investors were encouraged to mention grain products in casual conversation. A website was set up to track mentions of cereal, with a counter to show progress. The owner applied for a grant to study the effectiveness of word-of-mouth advertising. He campaigned to raise money for advertising. He pressured other landowners to follow his example.

But what became of the tenant farmers? The crops? The land? What became of the people who ate the produce of those farms? Let him hear who has ears.

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