Sunday, June 26, 2011

Twofold Tackiness

One of my Facebook friends posted these photos of tacky church signs for my benefit. Thanks, Alan!

First, here's one I believe I've seen before. The underlying message seems to be that, given enough heat to make it warm and soft, and a generous amount of sugar, sin can be preserved, and perhaps even marketed as a church fundraiser. Mmm, mmm, delicious!

Then there's this one, which chaps my hide all the more since I took a nine-mile walk yesterday under a lowering sky, heat heavy with humidity, and occasional rain showers; by the time I got home, whatever parts of me weren't cruelly chafed were sunburned. Blistered toes and sore muscles, however, are not to be compared with the eternal agony advertised by this cheery example of community outreach!

PS - The closer you are to Jesus... Wasn't Judas Iscariot, like, Jesus' treasurer?

PPS - Lutheran Satire hits the nail on the head again!

1 comment:

revalkorn said...

Happy to be of service, brother.

Maybe we need to start a lutheran canning group called "forbidden fruits"

I agree: Lutheran Satire was right on the mark!