Friday, December 25, 2009

White Xmas

This year, virtually everywhere has been hit by severe winter weather. The west coast. The east coast. The Rockies. The upper midwest. Europe. You name it. But the St. Louis area has been miraculously spared.

I don't know who's been dreaming of a white Christmas in St. Louis, but they got one under the wire. Today was the first day this winter I have had to brush snow off my car. I've only had to scrape frost off the windshield a couple of times. It's been a pretty mild winter. Even during the past couple of days, while many of the states surrounding Missouri have been buried in feet of snow, it only rained last night. It was still raining when I got to church this morning. It wasn't until I came out of church, after our festive Christmas service, that I saw snow in the city.

OK, that's good. It can stop snowing now. We've had our White Christmas already. I've even taken advantage of the empty parking lots at a couple of stores that are closed for the holiday, to whip a few $@%##ies for old times' sake. I've done my penance as a 12-year resident of Minnesota. I'm willing to accept, at a MAXIMUM, a dusting on Christmas day, just to make it nicer to spend the holiday at home. I move that the snow stop now. Any body care to bring it to a vote?

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Robbie F. said...

The motion appears to have passed.