Monday, December 7, 2009

Grouch of the Day

I've decided to start a new thread, venting my daily frustrations with what I hope will be a healthy helping of humor. My first object of grouchiness will be the middle-aged slob who walked out of the grocery store and straight into the street in front of me without looking either right or left -- fortunately, while I was already stopped at a stop sign.

I couldn't help but wonder how the guy managed to achieve such a venerable age with street-crossing habits like that. If he doesn't know well enough to look both ways, what did he teach his kids? Or are they still with us?

After giving it some thought, I realized my reason for feeling irritated. Basically, the way the guy crossed in front of me without even turning his head struck me as rude. Dude, a glance of acknowledgment wouldn't kill you. But I could. A little eye contact is all I ask. It doesn't have to be apologetic. Just a gesture of gratitude for the fact that I didn't run you over....

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