Monday, December 7, 2009


For the last two years or more, a stretch of Interstate 64 that covers a major portion of my daily commute has been closed for construction. The result has been countless hours of frustration and agony behind my windshield, clawing every inch of my way home through gridlocked city streets, overtaxed bypasses, and convoluted detours that took me miles out of my way. So many times I have wished St. Louis wasn't such a hard town to drive across; if the main route is closed, there almost isn't another way. And routes don't get much mainer than I-64, the east-west highway that bisects the metro area.

A week ago, I saw a sign that made my heart leap with irrational joy. It said I-64 was going to open on December 7. Which is today. And it did.

I have no words for the ecstasy of being able to drive straight to work by the most direct, non-stop, fast-paced route possible. I could almost weep with rapture! What a great day to be alive (and having to drive) in St. Louis!

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