Friday, July 17, 2009

Bachelor Chow

Here are two quick snacks a single guy can whip up with the stuff he'll probably find in his fridge:

The Rudolph
No reindeer were harmed during the making of this recipe. So-named because it's a kind of watered-down reuben, the rudolph is a sandwich I have thrown together many times. It's so good that it's sometimes hard to stop at one!

You'll need to plan ahead for this one when you're grocery-shopping. Be sure to pick up a package of sliced bologna, another of sharp cheddar (I like to buy it already-sliced), and a jar of sauerkraut. Also, make sure you have ketchup and white salad dressing in your fridge, and plenty of bread. I currently favor Wonder-brand Italian bread, a sesame-seeded white bread. Since I don't go through it fast enough to keep it at room temperature, I freeze it and pull out a slice or two when I need it.

At lunchtime, pop two slices of the bread into the toaster, mainly to thaw them. At the same time, scoop 2 or 3 heaping forkfuls of sauerkraut onto a microwave-safe plate, and zap it for a minute. Dress one slice of bread with ketchup, the other with salad dressing. Slap a slice of bologna on one side, cheese on the other. Pile the warm sauerkraut onto one side of the sandwich, and turn the other side on top of it. Enjoy!

The Kinsey Milhone
If you know whom this treat is named after, you'll also know why it's named after her. I've tried many gross-sounding sandwich combinations, and some of them were gross. But it wasn't until recently that I finally tried this combination, though I had known of it for years. And wouldn't you know, it's all right!

I started with a tortilla. I had tortillas around because I was using them instead of hot dog buns. (Hot dogs are another good application for sauerkraut, by the way). Lay the tortilla flat, spread a teaspoon of peanut butter on it. Then place a kosher dill pickle spear near one edge of the tortilla. Roll it up to form a peanut-butter-and-pickle wrap.

Take a bite. Not surprisingly, it crunches. What is surprising is that it doesn't suck. In fact, you might find yourself jonesing for it later on.

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