Monday, November 26, 2007

A Pox on Su Casa

The next-to-last time I visited Del Taco, I was rammed from behind by another drive-through customer who was unhappy about how slowly the line was moving. That deterred me from going back for a while, but I tried a different Del Taco restaurant a little while ago because I am a forgiving soul. But only to a certain extent. My latest visit decided me that I will never eat at a Del Taco again.

One reason is enough: the bean burrito tasted like boiled pinto beans. To be sure, boiled pintos are a key ingredient in a bean burrito; but a touch of the magic of Mexican cookery transforms them into refried beans - which is quite another flavor altogether. Del Taco's kitchen lacks that magic touch. Therefore it does not deserve to have its name mentioned in the same breath as the phrase "Mexican food."

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