Tuesday, December 27, 2022

463. Lent 3 (Series C)

The lessons for this Sunday are Ezekiel 33:7-20, 1 Corinthians 10:1-13 and Luke 13:1-9. The tune is HINUNTER IST DER SONNEN SCHEIN by Melchior Vulpius (1609), which the Australian Lutheran Hymnal (1973) paired with "The sun is set, its light is gone." The setting is mine, and like many others I've done lately, improvised on a computer keyboard rather than a piano; so, if you spot any voice leading errors, reprove me gently and I will endeavor to turn from them.

Friends, balk not at the Lord's rebuke:
Would you that God the right forsook?
Nay, ready ear to warnings give;
Return to righteousness and live!

Turn, wicked ones! Why should you die?
The Lord no pleasure takes thereby.
Say not that His way is unfair,
Who them that turn to Him will spare.

Nor trust in your own righteousness,
Lest you return to sin and death.
God plays not favorites with men,
But them that turn restores again.

If you would walk in truth, submit
To wisdom taught by holy writ:
By baptism brought, as through the sea,
To eat and drink, right wondrously.

Eat, then, the Bread come from on high;
Drink of the Rock that runs not dry;
Which, if you heed the God-breathed page,
Is Christ, the same from age to age.

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