Friday, December 9, 2022

453. Epiphany 2 (Series C)

The lessons for this Sunday are Isaiah 62:1-5, 1 Corinthians 12:1-11 and John 2:1-11. The tune is TWENTY-FOURTH, attributed to Lucius Chapn (†1842), which was paired with "O Son of God, in Galilee" in LW, LSB and CWH; "Where charity and love prevail" in LBW, LSB, ELW and CWH; "Love consecrates the humblest act" in LBW and ELW; and also a metrical paraphrase of the Agnus Dei in a Divine Service setting in ELW.

At Cana's wedding, Christ the Lord
Peformed His first great sign,
When by His efficacious word
He made the water wine.

Shall He not, even more today,
Bless us when we rejoice?
Indeed, when we glad tidings say,
He joins His living voice.

Shall He not also hear our prayer
When empty be our cask?
Indeed, He makes His own our care
And answers when we ask.

Shall He not be with those who wed,
Who for His blessing search?
Indeed, with willingness He bled
To cleanse His bride, the church.

Shall He not give us that to drink
Which makes for life and joy?
Yea, by what pow'r we dare not think,
His vintage we employ:

A stronger draft than any made
Or served by mortal hands;
A table for the whole world laid,
Sufficient for all lands.

The water poured was found instead
To be the choicest wine;
So also, under wine and bread,
On Christ Himself we dine.

How this is done, we might inquire
But scarcely comprehend;
Yet oft as we this meal desire,
Its fullness He will send.

Lord, bless the freedom and the joy
Your first of signs avows;
All causes of discord destroy,
And loving hearts arouse.

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