Wednesday, December 21, 2022

458. Epiphany 7 (Series C)

The lessons for this Sunday are Genesis 45:3-15, 1 Corinthians 15:21-26 skipping to 30-42, and Luke 6:27-38. The tune is O JERUSALEM, DU SCHÖNE by Johann Georg Christian Störl (1711), which the Ev. Lutheran Hymn-Book actually dates to 1734 although Störl died in 1719. There are varying arrangements of this melody in CSB, ALH, LHy, SBH, ELHb, TLH ad CWALH, including ones with a dotted rhythm in the first and third phrases and another in which the fifth phrase has been butchered to avoid having to repeat a four-syllable line. Texts I've seen it pair with include "Alleluia! Fairest morning," "Lo, He comes with clouds descending" and "O'er the distant mountains breaking."

O disciples, hear the Savior:
With your enemies be meek,
Letting love steer your behavior,
Off'ring them the other cheek.
From their service never waver,
Nor reward nor vengeance seek.

Bless them even when they curse you;
Pray for those who use you ill.
Seek not that men reimburse you;
What they take, more render still.
On this consolation nurse you:
Mercy is the Savior's will.

Mercy He Himself has shown you,
Bearing patiently your cross.
With compassion has He known you,
Fount whereof can none exhaust.
He hereafter will enthrone you,
Recompensing grief and loss.

Be therefore, sons of the Highest,
Merciful as even He,
Nor to condemnation biased;
Let your measure rather be
Not the scantiest or driest,
But poured out abundantly.

Let not even death amaze you,
Should the foe your life demand.
Though like seed in earth he lays you,
Christ at last will take His stand
And imperishable raise you,
Fitted for the Promised Land.

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