Sunday, November 6, 2022

422. Proper 7 (Series B)

The lessons for this service, for the very likely occurrence of a Sunday after Trinity during June 19-25, are Job 38:1-11, 2 Corinthians 6:1-13 and Mark 4:35-41. Challenges facing us from the non-repetition standpoint include the Old Testament lesson overlapping with that of Series A Proper 14, and the fact that I previously wrote a hymn based on Matthew's parallel account of Jesus stilling the storm. The tune is the Swedish traditional melody GAA NU HEN OG GRAV MIN GRAV, which the Lutheran Hymnary paired with "Go, and let my grave be made" as well as "Jesus, Master! at Thy word." The arrangment is LHy's minus some distracting frou-frou, not the first substraction of its kind I've considered necessary.

"Peace, be still!" Christ Jesus said,
And the wind and waves fell quiet.
Nature seemed to knew its Head,
Word that tempered Chaos' riot:
Order ordered on the scene,
Stormy seas became serene.

"Who can this be?" cried His men,
"See, the wind and sea obey Him!"
Might they not His nature ken,
Hearing chastened imps betray Him?
Had they not His works observed
When so oft the sick He served?

"Why so fearful?" He replied.
"Are you still so unbelieving?"
Yea, the storm went on inside,
Otherness fresh trouble leaving.
Wondrous though His signs may be,
Who can stand the Lord to see?

Fear Him, then, but also trust
Him, who all your ways is keeping;
Know His love, which guards the just,
Though He outwardly be sleeping.
Come what tumult may impend,
Jesus grants a peaceful end.

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