Sunday, August 2, 2020

275. Forward Hymn

I had an idea to write this hymn a long time ago – maybe more than a year – but it got buried so deep under other projects that I just about forgot what I meant to do with it. So, upon updating my hymn-book in progress with earlier today's "Wounds of Christ" hymn, I opened up the place-holder I had created there for the following hymn, which I hope does justice to the brilliant idea I thought I had my finger on when I left that note for myself. I'm recycling the tune I wrote last year for this hymn – coincidentally, the one original hymn on this blog numbered below 201 that wasn't included in my first hymn-book, Useful Hymns. So, with God's blessings, both hymns with this tune will appear in the sequel, working title Edifying Hymns (because, uh, what acronyms are more inspiring than "UH" and "EH," eh?)
Lord, lead us forward from the dark!
Free mind and will from their first prince;
Impress on them Your fadeless mark.
Our souls of sin and grace convince;
Lord, forward turn our minds!

Lord, lead us forward from our sin!
Grant us repentance day by day,
Lest looking back, our eyes begin
To draw our hearts and feet astray.
Lord, forward turn our eyes!

Lord, lead us forward in your word!
Build up our faith through teaching pure;
And make the gospel we have heard
Through holy sacrament more sure.
Lord, forward turn our ears!

Lord, lead us forward all life long!
To serve the needy make us keen;
To bear each other’s burdens, strong.
Till in our lives Your love is seen,
Lord, forward turn our hands!

Lord, lead us forward in the cross!
Let meekness in our hearts abide,
Complaining not of pain or loss
But lifting up the Crucified.
Lord, forward turn our hearts!

Lord, lead us forward to our crown!
As worlds dissolve, allay our fears.
With healing in Your wings come down;
Abolish death and dry all tears.
Lord, forward lead our way!


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