Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Overdue Midification

I finally got around to "midifying" the music I wrote to go with the funeral hymn I wrote in memory of Richard Ashburner. I've had the handwritten score stuffed in my piano bench for some time now. Here, in case you have a use for a comforting, Christian funeral hymn that doesn't commit itself as to whether or not the departed was a believer, are the words and music, free of charge! Some day I'll edit a hymnal supplement, and abuse the privilege as far as publishing my own hymns in it. Until then, please use this non-copyrighted material honorably, making no alterations without my consent and giving me credit for the words and music. Thanks, and you're welcome!

PS: If you want to listen to a MIDI file of the music, use the Email link on my Profile page to shoot me a request.

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