Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reviews in Arrears

I've fallen a bit behind in my reviews of books, music, movies, and food. All of which I have experienced, and that abundantly, since my last post about them. I plan to catch up within the next few days. For now, consider this a "preview of coming attractions" as, time permitting, I comment on my experiences at the Symphony (with Rachmaninoff's 2nd Symphony and Shotakovich's 1st Violin Concerto), the movies (with Rango, The Adjustment Bureau and Paul), restaurants (Brazie's and Espinos), and books (four by Dudley Pope, three in one volume by Alexander Kent, and two by Sherwood Smith).

As for me, I am going to consider this a kicker to get this writing done, as well as my reviews of "Farscape" seasons 2 ff., which have been in "pending" mode way too long.

Don't expect all this writing to get done overnight, though. I have two symphony chorus performance weeks in a row, starting this coming Tuesday! Expect to hear about them too!

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