Sunday, March 14, 2010

Headache Day

I've been having a headache day all day. I took an Ibuprofen tablet before I went to church this morning. I popped an Advil after early service and spent the first few minutes of the Bible study sitting in the pastor's office with my eyes closed. After that I felt well enough to join the rest of the class.

By the time I got home after late service, my headache was back. I didn't want to take another Ibuprofen so soon, so I choked down an Acetaminophen. I hate those things. Every time I swallow one, there's a moment when I'm sure it's going to get stuck in my throat and kill me. I feel like I'm rolling the dice with my life. But I was desperate to try something different. And being the type of sufferer who will go through an entire drugstore's stock of remedies before accepting affliction, I chased the Acetaminophen with a little red nasal decongestant pill. After all, I was at the mouth-breathing stage of nasal stoppage, and I figured sinus pressure might have something to do with my headache.

The relief was faint and short-lived. By a couple hours past lunchtime, the headache was back in full force, plus my stomach was upset from the Acetaminophen. So I took an Alka-Seltzer. I love those things - aspirin and antacid in one dose. Truly a miracle drug! Plus, switching from one drug to another has often helped me batter down a stubborn headache in the past.

This time, however, I found no relief. I couldn't rest lying down. I couldn't concentrate sitting up. My head was throbbing. Eventually I gave in and had my third Ibuprofen pill of the day. And now, blessedly, I feel OK. Except my digestion is probably messed up for the rest of the week...

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