Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feast for the Nose

Thank you, God, for the magnolias in bloom in St. Louis! Their beauty strikes the eye and nose in equal measure. Their otherwise almost naked branches are heavily laden with plump, pale blossoms that seem too soft and innocent to last. And their sweet perfume fills the air with a sweetness that makes you forget about engine exhaust and grease-stained pavement. Smaller, neater shrubs nearby may shine forth with more brightly hued and tightly arranged blossoms at this time, and even their scent adds to the loveliness of late March in the green places of the city; but today I rejoice most of all in the magnolia and its wild, loose, generous profusion.

I wish a picture could show how wonderful this flower smells. Actually, in a way, it does. It smells just like it looks. Use your imagination!

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