Thursday, October 15, 2009

Prince Winter

I started my third blog today. I'm going to see if I can write a serial novel in the form of a blog. It's a process that has interested me since I went through my Dickens kick in the early years of this decade. I have started many novels before, and even finished several of them -- though I can never bury them deeply enough. I've even tried writing a novel serially before (sending chapters as emails to my friends, for example). In fact, I am currently 160+ chapters into an ongoing fiction serial, though it's not entirely my work; as an interactive fanfic, it's based on J. K. Rowling's "Potterverse" and it incorporates story ideas sent in by readers. This one, however, is meant to be wholly original, albeit in a fairy-tale/fantasy/alternate history kind of world that has landmarks some readers will recognize.

Anyway, if you like my writing, take a look at "Prince Winter" from time to time. If it's any good, feel free to encourage me by joining the blog as a follower, subscribing to a feed, or leaving positive comments. If you can offer any practical advice on improving it, feel free to leave constructively critical comments. If you think it totally sucks, consider yourself released from any obligation whatsoever. Tell others what you think about it, too. The more the merrier!

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