Friday, October 2, 2009

Mystery Brew

Lately, I've been trying out some of the smaller, domestic brands of beer. Partly this is so I can have a sixpack handy most of the time without going to much expense. One that I rather like is Griesedieck Bros., a German-style golden pilsener. It's quite good, considering the price.

But there's a mystery about it. The label says "St. Louis" right under the brand name. Then it says, in smaller print, "Brewed and Bottled by Griesedieck Bros. Brewery, Black River Falls, Wisconsin."

Don't tell me what it says on Wiki. Please, don't leave a comment explaining that the brand originated in St. Louis as an American-style lager, then sold out to Falstaff, went out of production, was recently revived, and even more recently reentered the St. Louis market where it started out. I don't want the mystery to be demystified. I like to wonder. It's a pleasant state of mind. Intoxicating, even!

By the way, another cheap, domestic, off-brand beer I have recently sampled and enjoyed was the 312 Urban Wheat produced by Goose Island Brewery in Chicago. It's quite drinkable, compared to some American wheat beers I have tasted. Give it a try!

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