Monday, December 1, 2008

Snow in St. Louis

Yesterday morning, when I left my apartment around 6:40 to go to church, I spotted snow on the ground. It was only a thin layer of the wet, sticky, next-thing-to-rain type of snow, but it was the first serious sign that winter is coming to St. Louis apart from a hard frost about a week earlier. By the time I got to church, however, the snow was already gone.

Today, as it approaches midday, last night's snow is still visible on the lawns, rooftops, and tops of parked cars. It's the same type of stuff as the day before, only more of it; and it's still snowing, or at least sleeting. Having acquired my taste in winter from Minnesota (albeit now with a touch of Arizona in me, too) I can't help but be pleased with this progress. We may have a white Christmas yet!

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