Thursday, December 18, 2008

Parable of the Pizzeria

To what shall I compare the kingdom of God?

It is like a pizza joint that advertised itself as strictly using authentic, traditional Italian ingredients. A man decided to try the place for dinner one night. As he read the menu, he saw a list of pizza toppings such as prosciutto, capicola, bresaola, and mortadella.

"Here," he called to a passing waiter, "I thought this was supposed to be a traditional Italian pizza joint."

"That's what it is," the waiter assured him.

"Then," the man replied, "why don't you have Canadian bacon?"

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RobbieFish said...

Interpretation of the parable: I based this tale of the absurd on an incident I experienced as a pastor. While softly playing hymns out of The Lutheran Hymnal on the organ during a pre-funeral visitation, I was approached by an out-of-town relative of the departed. She forcefully expressed her hope that the hymns at the funeral proper would be "Lutheran," in contrast to the tunes I was playing. I asked her for an example, and she gave me "The Old Rugged Cross."