Thursday, September 22, 2022

348. Easter 7 Hymn (Series A)

The only Sunday after Ascension and before Pentecost, this used to be called Exaudi in the old lectionary but LSB has reduced it to the drab title above. The 3-year texts for this service are Acts 1:12-26, 1 Peter 4:12-19 jumping to 5:6-11, and John 17:1-11. Just to break up the predictable pattern of quoting Jesus at length in the previous hymns, I focus on the Epistle lesson this time. The tune is the American traditional melody WEDLOCK, which the Lutheran Book of Worship paired with "O Lord, send forth your Spirit."

Be not surprised, beloved,
When tested as by fire,
Nor think it strange when honored
The woes of Christ to share.
Rejoice, that when His glory
Appears you may rejoice:
On those who for Him suffer,
God's Spirit lays His choice.

See that it brings God glory
In which you are chastised;
For only 'tis the Cross when
It lifts up Jesus Christ.
For judgment is beginning
Within the house of God;
Then woe be to the Christian
Whose righteousness is fraud.

But when in Christ you suffer,
Trust in your faithful Lord,
Who makes the sinner righteous
By His almighty word.
His promises are certain;
They do what they require,
His gracious gifts abiding
Through every storm and fire.

Now humbled for a season
Beneath God's mighty hand,
Soon you will be exalted,
At what time He has planned.
Cast all your cares on Jesus,
Who cares Himself for you
And, after you have suffered,
Will prove His word is true.

Till then, be calm and watchful,
While Satan, like a beast,
Stalks you as prey. Resist him!
The greatest saints and least
Find firmness to withstand him,
Faith both to live and die
In Christ, who will perfect you,
Confirm and edify.

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