Tuesday, September 20, 2022

346. Easter 5 Hymn (Series A)

The text for this point in the LSB 3-year series is a selection of verses, in three excerpts, across Acts 6-7 (the election of the seven elders and the martyrdom of Stephen), 1 Peter 2:2-10 and John 14:1-14. As Year A seems to be forcing me to rewrite my hymn on John's "I AM" christology piecemeal, I'm focusing again on the Gospel lesson. For the tune, I'm feeling like CRUX SALUTIFERA by John Stainer (†1901), which the Lutheran Hymnary paired with "Savior, when in dust to Thee."

Fret not, heart, so anxiously;
Trust in Jesus, knowing He
Goes before the Father's face
And prepares for you a place
In His mansions, and will come
Soon to draw the faithful home,
That where He is, we may live;
Therefore, heart, no more misgive!

"Where is Christ?" the mind might say;
"How, then, can we know the way?"
Christ replies, "I AM the Way,
Truth and Life. No one, I say,
Comes to God except through Me;
If you know Me, Him you'll see."
Reason at these words may reel,
Yet must to their wisdom kneel.

"Show us God," the soul might cry.
"Know you not," says Christ, "that I
AM in God and He in Me,
One from all eternity?
What I speak is His decree,
And the Father works through Me."
Therefore, soul, believe God's Son,
Staking all on what He's done!

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