Friday, February 1, 2019

267. Acrostic Psalm, Part IV

Continuing this monster hymn, or super-hymn if you will, continues to get trickier, with the letters N and O providing very limited options. Just wait until Q, V, and X-Y-Z! The original tune for this fourth segment of six is titled MYSTERIOUS MIGHT and, I might add, has already been harmonized, along with the tunes for the other five segments - even though I haven't written the lyrics for Parts V and VI yet. I think the effect I was aiming for, in this tune, was something antique and chant-like. Please bear with the (almost) ridiculous amount of alliteration; but, I must say, if you're going to put your back out writing an acrostic psalm, you might as well go all in!
Mysterious Lord and mighty God,
Make known Your majesty abroad!
Mock though they may the maiden’s child,
Move men to mark the martyr mild
Made manifest upon the cross,
Much more to mend man’s mournful loss.
Mute now be reason’s mad misrule;
My Savior’s mouth shall be my school.

Now, risen Christ of wondrous fame,
Nail to our hands, lips, hearts Your name;
Nor leave us hungry in the night—
Nay, nourish us with life and light!
Nerve us to tell our neighbor, too,
News of God’s grace drawn nigh in You.
Noise forth Your word! Give ears to hear:
No gift more needful, none more dear.

O Off’ring, poured out once for all,
Oblation sweet, to You we call:
O’er our offenses waft Your fume;
Obscure the odor of our doom.
Old Adam would, through daily toil,
Oppose Your healing wine and oil;
On each occasion, Savior pure,
Outface his fury; be our cure.

Pure Prophet, Priest and Prince of Peace,
Pierced through with pain for our release:
Plunge us within the scarlet flood
Poured from Your heart, the pledge made good.
Perfect in us Your work of love:
Present us purified above;
Place in our hands the glorious prize
Prepared for them who please God’s eyes.

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