Wednesday, August 5, 2015

126. Baptismal Birthday Song

Continuing my fit of hymn-writing (also known as a "vacation"), here's another paltry effort to correct the poverty of spiritually rich children's hymns. I wrote an original tune for it titled YEAR OF GRACE, which I don't mind admitting is loosely based on "Happy Birthday to You."
This day, child of God,
We treasure the flood
Of blessings since you were
Washed in His Son’s blood.

Still more you are prized,
Dear (brother/sister) in Christ,
With each year that passes
Since you were baptized.

We share the embrace
Of God’s cleansing grace;
We love you as members
Of one holy race.

Forgiven as one,
We worship the Son
Who life and salvation
For all of us won.

This coming year too,
May both we and you
Hold fast to our Savior
Who made us anew!

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