Wednesday, August 5, 2015

125. Hymn for the 2nd Sunday in Advent

Continuing to work ahead on my "hymn for every Sunday of the church year" project... The historic texts for the second Sunday in Advent include the Epistle, Romans 15:4-13; the Gospel, Luke 21:25-36; and the Introit, excerpts from Isaiah 62:11, 30:30 and 30:29 (in that order) and Psalm 80:1, and possibly additional verses of Psalm 80 as needed. I don't always pay attention to the Gradual and Hallelujah Verse, but in this case it's interesting to note they cite parts of Psalm 50:2, 3 and 5 and Luke 21:26-27. My working tune for this hymn is SEI GEGRÜSSET, JESU GÜTIG, sometimes attributed to Melchior Vulpius, from a 1682 Leipzig hymnal where it was paired with a 1666 hymn by Christian Keimann.
Little ones, when signs awaken
Filling men with woe and terror,
Earth perplexed and heaven shaken,
Nations torn by strife and error:
Lift your heads and stand your station!
Christ comes swiftly with salvation.

Lo, the fig tree's leaves unfolding
Signify the summer's nearness;
Even so, these signs beholding,
Recognize the time with clearness!
Heav'n and earth are swiftly passing;
Jesus' word is everlasting.

Be on guard, lest care and pleasure
Weigh you down, your heart entrapping;
Lest you lack the one true treasure
When the sudden day comes snapping!
Watch with Christ, who will stand by you
And all needful strength supply you!

To this end God's word was written,
That with hope and perseverance
You, when all the world is smitten,
May rejoice in Christ's appearance
And, with hearts from every nation,
Overflow with exultation.

God in Christ was reconciling
Fallen man to His pure glory,
On both Jew and Gentile smiling.
Knowing thus His servant story,
Let all nations join to praise Him
And a royal anthem raise Him!

Praise the Lord, whose voice victorious
Carries over every border,
And whose message glad and glorious
Reaches all in God's good order:
Who despite the foe's wild raving
Comes with haste, His children saving.

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