Monday, October 14, 2013

More Weird Dreams

The other night, I awoke after a series of really interesting dreams, and they have stuck in my memory since then. I guess it was all one dream, but I can remember three segments of it.

In the first segment, I was preparing to play the organ at a wedding, picking out pieces and marking books of music. It was a happy dream, because I felt confident about what I was doing; but it was also a frustrating dream, because I couldn't seem to follow through on my intentions to grab a certain book and mark a certain piece.

Then it seemed to me that I was catching a ride home from a Symphony Chorus practice with one of the guys in the bass section (I can remember who he was, but it's not your business). He seemed to be driving a really fancy, super-compact car, like a Cooper Mini. And about halfway through the trip, we encountered a flooded street and had to back out of it in order to avoid stalling the car.

As we continued moving backward, we somehow became airborne and the scene changed. Below us, and from behind, scrolled the scene of a huge, lavish banquet combined with some kind of public ceremony in which some of the participants were those blue-skinned aliens from the sci-fi program Farscape. The last thing I remember was watching a tableful of these Delvians throwing their heads back in a roar of laughter. I guess that's when I woke up.

Far out, eh?

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