Sunday, October 27, 2013

39. Trial Hymn

A hymn for the feast of the Reformation, Matthew 11:12.
Alas, Lord! See Thy kingdom's course,
As forceful men seize it by force!
Though human strength bear off this hour,
Help us to trust Thy gospel's power.

Yea, bless us by this fiery trial:
Burn up the tinder of denial.
Spread light upon our shadowed path,
And leave unscorched our holy faith.

This flame shall purge what is impure;
Like steel, our faith shall prove more sure.
Our lintel bears the paschal mark;
We shall not perish in the dark.

For now we eat, as though in haste,
The passover we long to taste:
The chosen Word, the one I Am,
Himself becomes the offered Lamb.

Our needy hands stretch forth to Thine,
Accepting, under bread and wine,
The pledge to grasping sinners given:
The freely granted peace of heaven.

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