Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting Noticed

I know I've been a little slow with the updates the last several weeks. Being up to my ears with Symphony stuff, Lent and Easter worship, an extra-strenuous work schedule, and an illness I am still getting over, has all taken a lot of the wind out of my sails. Nevertheless, even during this quiet moment in my blog, I've gotten some nice remarks in the mail bag.

First, S. Alini writes:
I’m enjoying your book list on Thanks for creating it. Noticed your profile mentions that you write books no one wants to publish. Have you considered self-publishing online? I was in the same boat as you. Only recently took the plunge and uploaded two books to the Kindle. Technology is leveling the field for writers.

Also started following your blog (good title for a blog). Interesting profile on Douglas Reeman. It’s not the kind of profile one is likely to find on book blogs these days.
Dear S: Thanks, I appreciate the tip. I'll give the self-publishing idea some thought. The novels I actually finished are several years old now & I'm not sure I like them any more... But there's always rewriting!

I hope you enjoy the blog. I've been a little tied up just lately, but I expect to be doing a lot more writing soon! RF

Then there's Paige, who recently reaped some bread that I cast on the waters at a fabulous St. Louis city used bookstore:
I had a coupon for Dunaway Books on South Grand in StL and spent the better part of Saturday afternoon browsing. I almost despaired of finding anything worthy my shelf space -- I've no room for additional shelves and that makes me picky -- when high up I found a full set of Edward Eager's magic books, beginning with Half Magic. I own four of them in a boxed set but couldn't remember which titles were included so I bought them all -- a very worthy use of my coupon. I read to children in our local grade school and we are just about to finish Half Magic. I think I may hold a drawing for the extra copy I now own.

Anyway, I found your name and Arizona address stamped in the front of the books. Googled you. Found your BLOG - Good Heavens you are a writer! I tried out a couple of your hymns - Pruning is cool. Not for my congregation, but I like the poetry of it. And the message. May dip into your book reviews, too.

For now -- thanks for a worthy addition to my limited collection. pax et bonum...
Paige: Thanks, glad you looked me up. Obviously I'm not at the Arizona address any more. It really broke my heart to have to shed the Eager books, they've been a cherished part of my collection for so long, but I had a bad tax season this year. If you dig around at Dunaway's you may spot a complete set of Horatio Hornblowers, and other books by CS Forester too, all of which I have reviewed & cherished. I hope they'll go to a good home! Happy reading, RF

Finally, there was this little note from Anu, actually a comment on one of my blog posts: "hi I'd like to use the image you have here on my website. Does it belong to you? Please let me know if its ok." The image in question was a cute photo of a kitten and a puppy cuddling each other. My reply: "No, sorry, I just found that image online & stuck it in there as a decoration. I have no idea who it belongs to."

I repeat this exchange only because there have been several like it. I'm ashamed to say that I don't go to much effort to find out who owns the rights to images I use on my blog. I more or less just ransack the web for decorative images and stick them in willy-nilly. If you happen to spot an image that belongs to you, used on my blog without proper authorization, please alert me & I will remove it with abject apologies.

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