Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spam Comments

First thing this morning, I checked my email and found out that someone had commented on 25 of my blog posts. In Chinese.

It's just amazing how resourceful spammers are. Spam comments can get through my security measures, in bulk, even while honest visitors complain that I have made it prohibitively difficult to leave a comment.

To what can I compare this frustration? It is like when I used my answering machine to screen incoming phone calls. I didn't have a caller-ID box; and this was before the No Call List.

Over time, I learned that 75% of my callers would hang up without leaving a message. Most of my actual messages were from telemarketers and pollsters. Meanwhile, people I knew were constantly complaining that I never answered the phone when they called. Unfortunately, the only way I could tell that a call was important enough to answer was that the caller hung up without leaving a message. Catch-22!

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