Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Maternal Whimsy

Mother's Day happens to be my mother's 60th birthday. I think I can safely disclose this because she doesn't have a computer and only knows what I say on my blog if I read it to her. For the same reason, I feel safe in letting out the secret of my "birthday joke" on her, though she won't know about it for a few days.

First, I bought a gag birthday card, signed it, stuffed it in the envelope it came with. Then I added some photo CDs from which she can make prints at her leisure, and put them both in a stiff, cardboard, 3"x5" envelope. This, in turn, I put in an 11"x7" envelope, and finally I shoved the whole package into a padded 13"x9". All the envelopes were sealed, and the last one was also taped shut, addressed, stamped, and sent today. I giggle to think of her tearing open one envelope after another, and getting a little ticked, then realizing that I'm giggling to think of it, and starting to giggle herself....

That's my Mom and me. A make-each-other-laugh society.

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