Thursday, April 15, 2010

More Springummies

Here are some more cheapo snaps that I took, using a couple of different disposable cameras, during a very long walk on Sunday, April 11. I spotted these lovely sights while outward bound around 1-2 p.m., stopped at Walgreens and grabbed a camera, and hurried home in hopes of cathing the sights I had seen. Unfortunately, by then the light had changed, and what had been perfectly lit on the way out was now either in shadow or lit at a harsh angle on the way in. Alas.

But with a bit of imagination, you may be able to glimpse the gorgeousness that made me feel like floating away on a bubble of happiness -- all a part of a remarkable stretch of perfect, clear-blue-sky, warm, sunny weather around St. Louis in the past couple of weeks.

To start with, here is some yard art I spotted on a residential street in "historic Dogtown."

These characters live in the same yard. I marvel at their verisimilitude. OK, I just wish I could be so creative with my junk!

Mining the depths of my taxonomic knowledge, I believe this is the, er, Watchamacallit. Thought it was nice, though.

OK now... tulips, right?

Are you sure?

Why did I think this shot was worth saving? Because that one flower kept bravely and beautifully blooming, even after the rest of the bed got scorched by the sun. Everybody loves a survivor!

I didn't exactly think this was attractive. I simply thought it was interesting, in a public-nuisance kind of way.

Here's the public-nuisance part.

These red... thingies... grow in a greenway in the center of South Hampton Ave. Lots of them. And even more white thingies, all smelling quite good. I didn't have enough film to do them justice, and by now they probably aren't in such good shape. But on April 11, that median looked awesome!

This lawn near my apartment is turning purple. Can anyone tell me why? Is this bird seed run wild? Or would someone plant something like this on purpose?

Here's more of the purple living lawn ornament, from another part of the same yard. Again, the light was better when I didn't have a camera, and this is as good as it got when I did, but hopefully someone can still identify this. Come on, people! Help me out here!

Here is the furry tree outside my front window. I thin it looks pretty cool, except there is something disturbingly fungal about the way the flowers grow all the way up the limbs. Or maybe lichen-like?

More purple furry stuff.

These trees were in bloom in front of some town houses in a quiet neighborhood last Sunday. I thought it looked pretty nice. I think it might have been one of those trees whose flowers smell like Grape Nehi. That was a perfect day for catching that scent on the breeze.

Those same townhouses were fronted by several of these trees. I thought they had an impressive quality to them, combining light- and dark-colored thingummies on the same branch.

Here, for sure, is a Grape Nehi Tree, situated across the street from a local hospital. I think they should take cuttings up to the patients. It would sure cheer them up!

More Grape Nehi blossoms. Boy, do I regret losing the best light on these! They really are as nice to look at as they are to smell. In St. Louis, there is a certain time of year - like, this week - when those flowers pull heroic duty combating the odor of air pollution. Thank God for them!

Finally, shot from a bridge where Hampton Ave. passes over a railroad, a drainage ditch, and Manchester Rd., I was moved to record this beautiful piece of graffiti off the side of a warehouse. It's clear that some people can make real art with spray paint. I don't know what it means, but I like it.

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Robbie F. said...

I think I get the second word of the graffito: "Pirate." But the word to the left of it still has me stumped... and that's the one I really think looks cool!