Thursday, September 4, 2008

Assignment 4

Pretty soon, I do intend to wrap up the last two units of "Assignment 3" in our "Reading a Symphony Like a Good Book" project. So I guess it's time to send out the syllabus for Assignment 4. Several of the symphonies on this list are "programme" works, music with an extramusical component. That doesn't mean "really musical," but "beyond music" - such as a story accompanying the notes. So in many instances, this unit will combine musical experiences with actual narrative. Here are the works I suggest you plan on listening to over the next few months:
  1. Haydn's 45th in f# minor, "Farewell"
  2. Mozart's 35th in D, "Haffner"
  3. Mozart's 36th in C, "Linz"
  4. Beethoven's 6th in F, "Pastoral"
  5. Schubert's 4th in c minor, "Tragic"
  6. Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique
  7. Berlioz's Harold en Italie
  8. Bruckner's 5th in B-flat
  9. Mahler's 2nd in c minor, "Resurrection"
  10. Borodin's 2nd in b minor
  11. Sibelius's 3rd in C
  12. Nielsen's 4th, "The Inextinguishable"
  13. Vaughan Williams's 5th
I am already thinking about making Assignment 5 a little tougher, organized around a theme of "expressions of tragedy so profound that they are hard to bear." So enjoy the brightness, energy, and overall good humor of the above works, while you can!

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