Thursday, December 13, 2007

Poor Baby

Sinead is miserable. She just got spayed yesterday. Now she has to stay cooped up in "her" bedroom, so that she doesn't stress too much, or over-exert herself, until her wounds heal.

Last night she was moving pretty slowly. I don't know how much of that was pain and how much was left-over dopiness from the anaesthesia. Today she seems peppier, though I wish she wouldn't hop on and off the bed in her condition. She hasn't eaten, drunk, or used the litter box much since she came home from the vet. But she doesn't like being cooped up.

Sinead is turning out to be a real lover-cat. She likes to crawl up on my chest and snuggle, purring loudly and offering tongue-kisses (even though I keep telling her that isn't necessary). Usually her attentions tickle, though I can't wait until her next surgery - for declawing - at the end of the month. She does have a way of focusing my mind on her presence. Yow!

So my bed these days is a pile of quilts, afghans, and a sleeping bag spread out on the living room floor. Actually I find this quite comfortable. All I have to do to "make my bed" is roll the whole kit up against the front of the couch (minus the pillows, which go on top of the couch).

I am still "cooking" those serious blog posts I mentioned a little while back. Things do get hectic in Advent, when you have a full-time job plus church organist/choir director responsibilities. But I already see some spare time opening up, since the Symphony Chorus has had its last rehearsal for 2007. So stay tuned!

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