Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Cat Snaps

More or less just to fill up the roll of film I shot on Christmas Eve, I tooks some snaps of my cats this afternoon. If you've been following Sinead's progress, you'll probably appreciate how much she has grown - and how funny her behavior is. I wish I could have captured her swatting at the monitor with her paw, which she is doing as I write this. She almost went wild when I photoshopped a picture of Tyrone. Seeing him trapped inside the flat-screen monitor seemed to unnerve her!

Sinead looking thoughtful
Sinead looking sexy
Sinead looking dumb
Sinead, coquette
Tyrone: virtuously staying off my desk

By the way, today was a gorgeous day in St. Louis. I took a 2-hour walk up and down Hampton Avenue, enjoying the mild temperature, the pure fresh air, the bright sunlight and the clear, blue sky, scarred only by a few jet trails. I felt like reaching out to embrace the sky and kiss its blue face. It was very invigorating, and I managed it all wearing denim shorts, tube socks rolled down to my ankles, sneakers, a polo shirt, and a light nylon jacket that actually, toward the end, made me sweat a little. It was a day to appreciate the beauty in life, even in the form of bare trees, which even without leaves show a wonderful grace and complexity of shape. People were out walking dogs. A few businesses were open - a cafe here, a drugstore there. Now and then I met a total stranger on the sidewalk and said "Merry Christmas," and with a look of mild shock they said "Merry Christmas" back. How could anyone not be happy on such a beautiful Christmas day? Thanks be to God!

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