Sunday, December 23, 2007

Computer Cat

Sinead has developed a bizarre attachment to my computer - particulary when I am working on it. She stretches out on my desk, between the monitor and the MIDI keystation, a space that seems "just right" for her current size.

For the most part, she stays below the bottom of my screen, except she keeps turning her head to look up at what's going on up there. As I type this, she seems to be following the text with her eyes. Now and then, she decides to get more involved and bats at the screen with her forepaw.

It makes me laugh...until she decides to stand up and stretch on the keystation and block my view of what I'm typing. I have picked her up and set her on the floor about 20 times today, but she doesn't stay down for long.

If ever a cat could read, Sinead is showing signs of being the one. It's all appearance, of course (but cats are good at that). She's really just following the moving point - where text is being added, or the cursor. But I'm afraid if she keeps this up, reading from within inches of the screen, her eyes will soon go bad. I'll have to get reading glasses for the poor mite!

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