Monday, October 11, 2021

Monday Morning Dreams

I woke up this morning from another really weird dream. I was a member of a delegation to some foreign culture. Our group seemed to be left waiting over-long in some kind of anteroom before being ushered into a banquet area where the tables were really low to the floor, which was smooth hardwood but, for some reason, wasn't level.

In fact, on my side of the table, the floor started sloping steeply downhill, so that I had a hard time kneeling without sliding away from the table. I don't remember exactly what the food was like, except that there were several varieties of finger food being served from communal plates and that I quickly became frustrated with the difficulty of picking up a piece of food while still remaining in control of my kneeling position. It seems like the kind of scenario that would make for a good fish-out-of-water, slapstick comedy.

Also, and I feel bad about this, I seem to have banged a member of my group in the face with a door while being ushered into dinner. Once again, exactly what skills my brain is trying to develop with this dream curriculum, I can't even begin to guess.

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