Thursday, November 19, 2020

If I had a dollar ...

If I had $1 for every page view this blog has received, as of today, I would be a millionaire.

The counter rolled over 1,000,000 sometime today – I had noticed it was getting close. Not a bad number, even if it took me almost 14 years to get there.

I know, some people get that kind of traffic every week. Me, I've just been quietly keeping a record (mostly as an aid to memory) of my experiences in music, books, food, movies, life as a (now former) Lutheran clergyman, a fond (now former) cat owner and now newspaper reporter, perpetrator of stupid people tricks and (only within about the latter half of this blog's lifetime) an absolutely unhinged creator and critic of contemporary hymnody.

If you've looked in a few times at what I had on my mind, thank you. Your pageviews tell me that even if I feel mostly alone, I'm not altogether alone.

Unless I racked all those views up myself by checking to see how my blog was doing. Naaaaaaah.

If this platform survives, and I do as well, maybe it won't take me until 2034 to break 2 mil. But whatever happens, God is gracious.

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