Sunday, March 26, 2017

Some bizarre dreams

During two of the last three nights, I had dreams that embedded themselves in my memory. I'm not sure what to make of them, other than to say, "Stick these in your pipe and smoke them, Dr. Freud!"

Three nights ago, I dreamed that I had changed careers so that it was now my job to capture escaped animals, and my current assignment was to retrieve an elephant that had gotten loose. I caught the elephant, all right, but I could not coax it onto a trailer so it could be hauled back to wherever it belonged. Though not very large as elephants go, it was very independent-minded. Instead, I had to cling to the wiry hairs on its back and hang off its side while it ran down the road. I can't remember feeling particularly afraid, only annoyed. It was the kind of dream that made it feel good to go back to my real job in the waking world.

Two nights ago, as I hovered between waking and sleeping, my semi-coherent mind coined two new words, apropos of God knows what. The first word, I recall, was "relect" - a noun, or perhaps substantive adjective, which, according to my dream etymology, literally meant "written out loud," but in general usage meant "a mode of speech or writing imprinting what it describes indelibly on one's memory." Related to it was the term "prelect," describing "a mode of speech or writing that erases whatever it describes from one's memory." Upon realizing what I had stumbled upon, I woke up and repeated the words and their definitions to myself, saving them for later. At the time, I thought they might come in handy for a science-fiction story. Looking back, I'm not sure they would hold even that much water.

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