Sunday, April 26, 2015

110. Jubilate Hymn

Jubilate is the mass for the third Sunday after Easter, otherwise known as the fourth Sunday of Easter, otherwise known on the post-Vatican II liturgical calendar as Good Shepherd Sunday. In the historic lectionary it is the first of four consecutive Sundays in which the Gospel lesson is a non-sequential selection from John 16, in this case the "A little while" passage from verse 16 through "In that day you will ask Me no question" at the beginning of verse 23. The Epistle is 1 Peter 2:11-20 and the Introit is at least the opening couple verses of Psalm 66. The tune I have in mind for this hymn is the underutilized chorale MAG ICH UNGLÜCK NICHT WIDERSTAHN.

"A little while," said Christ in grace,
"Your heart may mourn,
Eyes all forlorn with bearing
The hidden presence of My face.
Rejoice to know
I in your woe am sharing;
Though while you weep
The world may smile,
A little while
Again and I'll
Joy yet more deep come bearing."

Lord, to this promise help us cling
When lust assails;
When our strength fails, uphold us!
Help us bear, too, the unjust sting
Of chains and whips
And sneering lips that scold us.
Our hearts subdue
To serve men well,
That they may tell
In whom You dwell,
Till safely You enfold us.

A shout of joy, all creatures, raise;
Praise Him with zeal
Whose foes must kneel, revering
His name and works with songs of praise.
Our steps He guides,
Through ground that slides safe steering.
When ev'ry trial
Has well refined
Our heart and mind,
Pure joy we'll find
In but a while appearing.

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