Sunday, April 19, 2015

109. Prayer Hymn

Dear Lord, bend down your ear
In mercy full and free;
Our meek requests with favor hear
And answer faithfully.

For You are Love indeed;
Your children in all lands
Rely on You for every need,
Safe in Your trusty hands.

In Jesus' name we pray,
Who pleads for us above;
He gave a form of words to say
And bade us try Your love.

He who with You is one
Prayed often and with will;
If then our pattern is Your Son,
Our case is surer still.

In His high priestly prayer
He charged us to believe
All that by faith in Him we dare
To ask, we will receive.

His first word from the Tree
Begged pardon for His foes;
So help us answer lovingly
Men’s hateful words and blows.

Lord, exercise our trust
As, wrestling with our care,
We seize and hold Your honor just
And cling to You in prayer.

Lord, hear when feeble groans
Are all our hearts can speak;
Then let the Spirit's winsome tones
Assist the poor and weak.

Lord, lest we fail to ask
And thereby fail to gain,
Help us persist in this sweet task,
Nor let us toil in vain.

Our hearts by practice turn
From selfish wants and plans;
For all men's welfare let them burn,
All rulers and all lands.

From what is base and mean,
Lord, turn our hearts' desire;
To higher goods, though yet unseen,
Devote their fragrant fire.

And since You paid with blood
To free us from sin's snare,
What that is fruitful, lovely, good,
Would You withhold through prayer?

Unhindered by our guilt,
For which our Savior paid,
Our confidence on Him is built;
Our cares on Him are laid.

So, Father, hear our voice
When on Your name we call;
For by Your good and gracious choice
You gladly give us all.

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