Thursday, September 8, 2011

Temporal Anomaly Blues

Woke up tomorrow morning
Rolled over in bed
Saw that there beside me
I was lying dead
I got me a bad case
Of temporal anomaly blues
Any play that I make will only
Guarantee that I lose

Feel like Schroedinger's pussy cat
Surrounded by death traps
Do this, that, or the other
And wave forms collapse
I got me a bad case
Of temporal anomaly blues
Got the universe wired on a
Forty-two second fuse

[Instrumental bridge]
Them temporal anomalies
Lord you know be bad news
I'm a paradox walking
Singing them temporal anomaly blues.

Come yesterday morning
I'll know better than whine
Can hardly wait for the day I'll
Talk some sense into Einstein
Them temporal anomaly blues
Living back-asswards sure gonna stank
I'm a tell it to Heisenberg
Maxwell Lorentz and Planck

Them temporal anomaly blues
Passing time like a stone
Them temporal anomaly blues
Note to self—never write this song
Them temporal anomaly blues
Temporal ayyyyyy......
[Sound of trio being pulled into quantum singularity]

1 comment:

Cuda said...

I have had days like that -- or will.